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About the CLCP


The State of Georgia launched the Certified Literacy Community Program (CLCP) in 1990 as a means of addressing adult literacy rates across the state.  Improved literacy rates help the state attract new businesses -- and jobs – thereby increasing self-sufficiency among all residents.  To qualify as a participant in the CLCP program, a community is required to set a goal of reducing its functional illiteracy rate by 50% within ten years. Each CLCP member organization is responsible for securing local community support and sources of funding.



Mission Statement:


The mission of the Certified Literate Community Program is to mobilize every resource available to a community in a literacy campaign that functions within state certification guidelines and will result in a literate community.


Goals of the CLCP


  • To secure the commitment of all leading public and private community organizations to the literacy campaign.
  • To create and sustain public demand for a literate community.
  • To achieve new enrollment annually and retain existing enrollment t the extent necessary to achieve the disignation, Certified Literate Comminity.
  • To assess and domucment progress and to recognize publicly the incremental economic, social and cultural benefits of literacy skills improvements achieved within the community.
  • To develop a program that is capable of being sustained for the community to achieve and exhibit its ability to maintain the designation Certified Literate Community.

Francisco Heredia, Jackson Campus Adult Ed student, proudly displays his recently awarded U.S. Citizenship Certificate. Fransciso, originally from El Salvador, spent 28 years preparing for the test on his own. He decided to enroll in the Jackson Campus ESL program, and his instructor, Kimberly Wentworth, helped Francisco sharpen his study skills. Fransisco passed his citizenship test after 3 months! Mr. Fransisco Heredia, U.S. Citizen! Congratulations!